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ဆရာၾကီးဦးဘခင္ - ပဋိစသမုပၸါဒ္ ပဌာန္း

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Dependent origination is set forth in a series of relations:
1. Dependent on ignorance there are activities (avijjaapaccayaa sa"mkhaaraa);
2. Dependent on activities there is consciousness (sa"mkhaarapaccayaa viññaa.na"m);
3. Dependent on consciousness there is mentality-materiality (viññaa.napaccayaa naama-ruupa"m);
4. Dependent on mentality-materiality there are the six bases (naamaruupapaccayaa sa.laayatana"m);
5. Dependent on the six bases there is contact (sa.laayatanapaccayaa phasso);
6. Dependent on contact there is feeling (phassapaccayaa vedanaa);
7. Dependent on feeling there is craving (vedanaapaccayaa ta.nhaa);
8. Dependent on craving there is clinging (ta.nhaapaccayaa upaadaana"m);
9. Dependent on clinging there is becoming (upaadaanapaccayaa bhavo);
10. Dependent on becoming there is birth (bhavapaccayaa jaati);
11. Dependent on birth there is old age and death (jaatipaccayaa jaraa mara.na"m).

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