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“Compendium of Relations" (Patthana)” (Part 10) (12- 12-2018) အရွင္ ပေညာဘာသ Venerable Pannobhasa

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“Compendium of Relations" (Patthana)” (Part 10) (12th- December-2018) အရွင္ ပေညာဘာသ Venerable Ashin Pannobhasa, TBSO Mahasi, https://www.tbsousa.org/v11_10/default.html ***** In contemplating on seeing, five factors are involved. They are eye-sensitivity, visible object, eye-consciousness, contact (phassa) and "phassa paccayā vedanā" = feeling due to contact. These five factors may usually be contemplated. If one can note to realize the feeling, and if the feeling is terminated, craving cannot arise anymore. And then the following consequences of craving also ceased. Eye-sensitivity and visible object are the two rūpa dhammas. Eye-consciousness, contact and feeling are the three nāma dhammas. While seeing, the truth of suffering can be known by contemplating 'seeing, seeing'.

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