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“Sense-sphere Beautiful Consciousness” (Part 1) (9th-Dec-2018) Ashin Pannobhasa

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“Sense-sphere Beautiful Consciousness” (Part 1) , ABHIDHAMMA LECTURES, (9th- December-2018) အရွင္ ပေညာဘာသ Venerable Ashin Pannobhasa, TBSO Mahasi, USA ***** Pāpa is that which leads to misery. Evil or bad is a better rendering than sin which has a Christian outlook. Hetuka — All the Cittas that are to be described hereafter, are called Sahetukas, with Roots, opposed to the Ahetukas of the previous section. Of the twenty-four Kāmāvacara Sobhana Cittas, twelve are connected with two good Roots—generosity (alobha) and loving-kindness (adosa); twelve with three good Hetus — generosity, loving-kindness, and knowledge (amoha). Fifty-nine or Ninety-one: Kāmāvacara — 24 Rūpāvacara — 15 Arūpāvacara — 12 Lokuttara — 8 When the eight Lokuttara Cittas are developed by means of each of the five Kusala Rūpa Jhānas, as will be explained at the end of this chapter, they total 40. Then 24 + 15 + 12 + 40 = 91.

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