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"Form-sphere Consciousness (Part Two)" (20-01-2019) အရွင္ ပေညာဘာသ Ashin Pannobhasa

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"Form-sphere Consciousness (Part Two)" ABHIDHAMMA LECTURES (20-January-2019) အရွင္ ပေညာဘာသ Venerable Ashin Pannobhasa, TBSO Mahasi, https://www.tbsousa.org *********** Form-Sphere consciousness is fivefold according to different Jhānas. That becomes fifteen-fold according to Moral, Resultant and Functional types. There are three planes of existence — namely, Sensuous Sphere (Kāmaloka), Form-Sphere (Rūpaloka), and Formless- Sphere (Arūpaloka). The four states of misery (Apāya), human realm (Manussa), and the six celestial realms (Devaloka) constitute the Kāmaloka. It is so called because sense desires play a predominant part in this sphere. The four states of misery are called Duggati (evil states). Evil-doers are born in such states. The remaining seven are called Sugati (good states). The good are born in these states of sensuous bliss. The more evolved persons, who seek no delight in ordinary sense-desires, but are interested in higher spiritual progress, must naturally be born in congenial places in harmony with their lofty aspirations. Even in the human realm the persons who retire to solitude and engage themselves in meditation.

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