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"Kamma Vs Mind by way of Paṭṭhāna conditions" 21-01-2019, အရွင္ ပေညာဘာသ Ashin Pannobhasa

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Abhidhamma Lecture (English) January 21, 2019 "Kamma Vs Mind by way of Paṭṭhāna conditions" အရွင္ ပေညာဘာသ Venerable Ashin Pannobhasa, TBSO Mahasi, https://www.tbsousa.org ***** The second one is Saṅkhāra-paccayā Viññāṇaṃ. Because there are Kamma formations as condition, consciousness arises. ‘Viññāṇa’ here means resultant consciousness or Vipāka Cittas, not just Paṭisandhi Cittas. ‘Viññāṇa’ here means 32 mundane resultant Cittas, 32 Lokiya Vipāka Cittas. “Viññāṇa” means the 19 types of rebirth-consciousness (paṭisandhi viññāṇa) described in chapter five. All the 32 types of resultant consciousness (vipāka-citta) experienced during lifetime. The fetus in the mother’s womb is formed by the combination of this relinking consciousness with the sperm and ovum cells of the parents. In this consciousness are latent all the past impressions, characteristics and tendencies of that particular individual life-flux.

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