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"Sense-sphere Consciousness (Part 2) 06-January-2019 Ashin Pannobhasa

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"Sense-sphere Consciousness (Part 2)" (06-January-2019) အရွင္ ပေညာဘာသ Venerable Ashin Pannobhasa, TBSO Mahasi, https://www.tbsousa.org ***** As a result of good kamma, we experience desirable sense-objects; as a result of bad kamma, we experience undesirable ones. So, through these sense-consciousness (eye/ear etc.), we simply experience sense-objects at their present moment in a passive manner without any wholesome (kusala) or unwholesome (akusala) reaction or with any happy (somanassa) or unhappy (domanassa) feeling. The fully active (dynamic) consciousness, known as javana. This is actually what we call “thoughts” involving wholesome (kusala) or unwholesome reactions (akusala), and happy (somanassa), unhappy (domanassa) or neutral feeling (upekkhā). This full consciousness is powerful enough to leave behind its associated mental energy (viññāṇa-satti) in dormant (latent) form. It has two kinds: five-sense-door javana (pañca-dvārika-javana) and mind-door javana (mano-dvārika-javana). The five-sense-door javana takes place immediately after vuṭṭhabbana.

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